Everton Lower School NEWSLETTERS are published weekly and distributed to parents by email.

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To read all the Newsletters for the last and current school year, click on the links below.

 Spring 2018 Newsletters


8th Januaury


5th February 26th February 12th March


 19 March


25th June

Spring 2017 Newsletters


12th June


10th July 25th September 16th October


6th November


20th November 27th November

16th January

                 23rd January

 30th January

          6th February          

6th March                     13th March                   27th March                24th April

 Autumn 2016 Newsletters

               12th September 

                  19th September

26th September

                    3rd October

                17th October                     7th November                     14 November                  21st November

Summer  2016 Newsletters


3rd May

9th May 23rd May


 20th June


5th July











Spring  2016 Newsletters



25th January  


1st February  8th February 


7th March 


14th March  











Autumn 2015 Newsletters

                  21st September 28th September   5th October


 12th October


19th October


9th November


23rd November


 30th November


                   7th December


                 14th December



Summer 2015 Newsletters



Spring 2015 Newsletters

        ELS Spring Term Newsletter  


Autumn 2014 Newsletters




At the start of each term the Everton Lower School Information NEWS is published. Click on the image below.

ELSI Summer 2018

ELSI Summer 1 2017

ELSI Spring 1 2017