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Everton Heath joins The Cam Academy Trust

1st September 2018

Everton Heath Primary School is delighted to have joined The Cam Academy Trust on September 1st.

We are now in a 10-school multi-academy trust dedicated to Excellence for All and believe this is the best way to meet the learning needs of all our pupils.

As well as the four secondary schools (two with sixth forms) in the Trust, there are a number of primary phase schools which we will be able to work closely with to share ideas and best practice. These include our neighbours at the newly renamed Gamlingay Village Primary and we are particularly looking forward to working with them to offer additional exceptional opportunities while retaining our own sense of identity.

As a small school, the economies of scale we can achieve as part of a larger organisation will also be of great benefit to us.

Headteacher Aileen Russell said: “We are very excited to be joining the Trust. Its commitment to excellence completely fits in with our ethos and values at Everton Heath and we believe it will be very beneficial to pupils, staff and families in our community.”

The Trust is based on fundamental core values in keeping with the very best of Cambridgeshire Village College and community-based education to deliver excellence for all pupils across each of the Trust’s academies.

The five core principles are:

  • The excellence principle: Education must be of the very highest standard.
  • The comprehensive principle: Education must be for all types and abilities of pupils.
  • The community principle: Every Academy must be at the heart of the local community and serve it well.
  • The partnership principle: Each Academy must seek to work positively in partnership with others for mutual benefit.
  • The international principle: The curriculum inside and outside the classroom must have a clear international dimension.

The Trust wants to ensure that every individual pupil achieves his or her full, positive potential through a broad and high-quality education.

All the academies of the Trust work in close partnership to offer outstanding opportunities for students at all stages of their education. Staff also work together to offer support and share best practice.

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